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Why work with me to improve your gut health?

Because gut health matters. Good gut health benefits far more than just your digestive system. Look after your gut properly and you can benefit from fewer digestive problems, more energy, better sleep, clearer mental focus, stronger immunity, better weight management and improved mental health.

Many of the root causes of poor gut health are environmental and can be influenced by the food you eat, the way you eat and your lifestyle behaviours.

If you are ready to dig deeper into your gut health issues but are getting overwhelmed by the amount of information and conflicting advice online it may be time to be guided by a health and nutrition expert.

Get the support that you need from someone who has personal experience of what you are going through. I will help you find answers,  keep you accountable and help you to achieve your health goals.

Now is a great time to prioritise your gut health. Work with me and find out how.

My name is Nikkie Windsor and I am a Trauma-Informed Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Breathing Coach, Reiki Master, and Fermentation Specialist. I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease and IBS for over 35 years so I understand how miserable life can be with digestive issues. I offer personalised coaching programs, talks, workshops, and courses that help you optimise your behaviours and improve your gut health.




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Jungle Goddess Gut Health UK

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