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Kalm Horizons offers a range of coping strategies, one-to-one mindfulness sessions, wave meditations on the beach and immersive wellness experiences by the sea. Embracing the therapeutic, healing benefits of the ocean, Kalm Horizons will bring a sense of peace to the mind while exploring new ways to ‘Be Kalm’.

Kalm Horizons can help you:

• Connect with nature and reconnect with yourself
• Calm and quieten your busy mind
• Discover the healing power of blue spaces and the therapeutic benefits of the ocean
• Find a greater sense of peace while exploring new ways to ‘Be Kalm’
• Gain a new perspective on your life and find balance within
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Sleep more naturally

Sessions include a range of techniques from aromatherapy, visualization and wave meditation practices to mindfulness, compassion, affirmations and self-massage.

During the cooler months, sessions are offered online and local wellbeing studios.


Various venues


See the website for scheduled classes and also by appointment



Kalm Horizons

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