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My love affair with photography really started when I got a digital camera soon after the birth of my son fourteen years ago. Although I’ve been taking photographs all my life, going digital gave me the opportunity to capture every moment of my child’s development in an immediate way. I loved how I could preserve each precious event in not only my memory but in beautiful pictures without the guesswork, cost and faff that film entailed. The digital medium made my photos easy to share with family and friends, even before the era of Facebook.

In 2014, I made the decision to take my camera with me wherever I went and to photograph whatever caught my eye. The warm reception my pictures received showed me that my personal window on the world appealed to others and that I had an eye for capturing a different view.

This enthusiastic response encouraged me to take the next step and learn more about what my camera can do. I am constantly developing my photographic skills so that I can show my quirky worldview in my images with different techniques.

I have a passion for beauty in nature, architecture, people, places and all things gorgeous and I’m really enjoying exploring life through the lens.




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