The Brooksteed


PUBLISHED: 31 January 2022
The Brooksteed is a little pub on South Farm Road, just north of the central rail crossing gates. It is a dog friendly, convivial spot with covered outside areas to the front and back, blankets, wingbacks and a really great selection of drinks. John, Aaron and the team are constantly inventing new ways to enhance the customer experience: from pop-up food vendors to quiz nights, raffles, book clubs, their legendary Christmas markets and charity Sunday cheeseboards.
The Brooksteed got first dibs on this feature as we wouldn't be where we are without them - they have been supporters of Independent Worthing from the start (nearly 2 years ago). They inspired us to start the group, as we loved how much they had brought to our neighbourhood, they collaborate with us to hold our popular Makers & Producers Markets, and they offer our subscribers 15% off tabs all day Tues-Thurs and until 5pm on Fri. And more than once, I have hummed the theme tune to Cheers in my head when I get near.

All photography is courtesy of the wonderful Toni Heath at Cuttlebone Photography