• The scheme is 100% voluntary for the member businesses who choose to be involved, there is no fee for those businesses to join the scheme, and the businesses have access to many benefits as members
  • By encouraging and nurturing a ‘shop local’ attitude
  • By increasing customer loyalty
  • By enabling independent businesses to work together
  • By providing a support network for independent businesses to tap into
  • By enabling Independent Worthing to continue supporting and promoting our local independent businesses
  • By keeping more money within the local economy: when independent businesses succeed, they can invest, grow, and employ
  • By keeping Worthing independent and vibrant

Yes, just head to My Account > Subscriptions and click the ‘Change Plan‘ link under Actions.

Yes, we have new businesses joining all the time and they may decide to review their offers periodically so do ensure you check listings regularly for up-to-date information.

The gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and the expiry date will be clearly stamped on each voucher.

We have made this discretionary so we ask that you check with each business directly if needed.

We aim to support local charities and charitable initiatives wherever possible. This can include donations, helping with promotion, fundraising and volunteering. So far we have been involved in supporting raffles for the Allsorts Youth Project and Superstar Arts. We have volunteered at Superstar Arts and met, interviewed and written about Breathing Spaces, Superstar Arts, The Sand Project and Safe in Sussex.

Further details can be found here.

Head to My Account > Subscriptions and click the ‘Cancel‘ link under Actions.

As long as this is done 48 hours before your next payment is due it will be cancelled at the end of your billing period.

Please note that cancellations only become effective from the next renewal date and no refunds can be given.

You can view Terms and Conditions here

Please contact the member business to resolve, Independent Worthing are not responsible for the relationship between the subscriber and the business.

The money from the subscription helps us to continue our work – showcasing, supporting and networking with and for local independents, as well as helping cover the costs of the infrastructure for the scheme – website, app, various associated charges, printing, promotion, subsidised voucher scheme etc.

 We do ALOT of work behind the scenes, and as we grow, we hope to continue to build on what we are creating! For example, we are currently exploring and securing additional business member benefits such as support with accountancy, insurance, marketing and so forth, and developing a private member business’ online forum with information and support (We already have private online groups and business networking up and running).

In addition, we are keen to support local charitable initiatives (e.g. by making donations for every voucher card purchase, providing free market stalls, raffle gifts and promotional support etc.).

Please note that physical membership cards are no longer available to new subscribers; however, if you are an existing subscriber with a physical card, you can contact us to replace it. Please be aware that there will be a charge of £2 to cover costs.