Member Business Agreement form

Please only submit this form if you have already contacted us and we have discussed and agreed your member offer.

Our Terms and Conditions:

1. Terms and Conditions will be subject to change, and it is your responsibility to ensure you remain updated by visiting the Independent Worthing website. Any terms and conditions will have a 'last updated' date for quick and clear reference.

2. In return for providing the above detailed offer to Independent Worthing subscribers, you will receive up to two complimentary memberships to the subscription scheme. You will provide all required details for the nominated individual(s) who will be bound by the same terms and conditions as paying subscribers - available for viewing on our website and the responsibility of the nominated individual(s) to update themselves with.

3. Independent Worthing will provide a clear database of member businesses* on the Independent Worthing website, which will work within the online directory. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with regards to your business details, and to ensure your listing and subscription offer (including any associated terms and conditions) are clear and correct. Independent Worthing do not accept responsibility for any issues arising from incorrect information being provided on your listing.

4. Independent Worthing will provide all necessary materials and information to a nominated person within your business, in order for you to use the discount scheme with customers/ subscribers. It is then your responsibility to enable dissemination of this to any staff that will be expected to use it, and ensure as smooth and successful provision of the scheme as is reasonable, to customers/ subscribers.

5. Independent Worthing will endeavour to respond to any queries or issues raised in writing and communicated by email to us, quickly and effectively. We cannot however guarantee that our resolution will be to your satisfaction.

6. Any error in the provision of your specified and agreed offer by you / your business will be borne by you. Independent Worthing will not offer reimbursement for any offers given in error. Additionally, Independent Worthing are not responsible for any loss of earnings or perceived loss of earnings resulting from difficulties using the membership scheme - e.g. gaps in promotion, technical failure, misinformation or customer dissatisfaction.

7. You agree to use Independent Worthing point of sale materials (in order to be able to provide the offer as detailed above to Independent Worthing subscribers), according to the process laid out by us when instructing you.

8. As an Independent Worthing member business, you agree to accept Independent Worthing gift vouchers to the value printed on them, with reimbursement as per process (laid out below).

9. We expect that you / your business will make every reasonable effort to provide your services / agreed discount offer to Independent Worthing subscribers, but understand that there may be unforeseen circumstances or capacity issues where you may not be able to fulfil this. We have laid this out in the terms and conditions for subscribers. Independent Worthing are not financially or otherwise responsible for any dissatisfaction resulting from such unfulfillment, and also reserve the right to discontinue your membership if we believe you are not fulfilling your offer within reasonable expectations.

10. Should you wish to terminate your membership, we require 28 days’ notice in writing to our email address as listed on the Independent Worthing website.

11. Independent Worthing are not financially or otherwise responsible for any fraudulent activity from other individuals not part of the Independent Worthing team. This includes third party businesses involved in service provision and fraudulent individuals claiming to be subscribers.

12. Independent Worthing reserves the right to decide on any and all promotional material including type, frequency and content of any published material regarding the scheme. Independent Worthing retains full creative control and brand protection over all aspects (including intellectual property, logo etc.) of the Independent Worthing business.

13. Independent Worthing reserve the right to discontinue your membership on the scheme at any time and without notice or justification. We will however, endeavour to be communicative, thoughtful and transparent as much as possible and practicable.

14. Independent Worthing are not responsible for any part of your business including but not limited to your transactions, customer satisfaction, reputation or business liabilities.

15. The agreed offer as outlined above in this contract is non-changeable without discussion and prior agreement with Independent Worthing. That said, we are very happy to discuss alterations to your offering at any time in line with our ethos to support and encourage your business, and enable both your business and Independent Worthing to thrive. We would include consideration of a notice period for changing your offer in any discussion and subsequent agreement.

16. In agreeing to participate in the Independent Worthing subscription scheme as a member business, we kindly request that you refrain from participating in any other subscriptions schemes offered by another third-party business or initiative for a minimum period of 10 months. This is so we can have the best chance of success.

17. Independent Worthing are not responsible for any negative outcomes (e.g. complaints) resulting from interactions between your business and customers in relation to the discount scheme. That said, we will absolutely be reviewing and supporting you and the scheme with the committed goal of achieving maximum business and customer satisfaction.

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Glossary of Terms:

  • 'Member business': those businesses offering discounts and offers in conjunction with the Independent Worthing subscription scheme.

Reimbursement for Gift Vouchers:

Once you have received and recorded* Independent Worthing gift vouchers from a customer, you will need to complete our Voucher Reimbursement Request form whereby, once submitted and approved, we will provide reimbursement by bank transfer within 14 days, minus the standard 7% transaction fee. We are trying to keep costs as low as possible but need to cover outgoings for this to be viable. We will be regularly reviewing the process and associated costs.

*recorded = photo of voucher serial no and destruction - writing void across the front of the voucher.