Subscription Membership

Independent Worthing is collaborating with the independent businesses that you love to bring you some amazing offers and for just £4.99 a month, £26.99 for 6 months (-9.86%) or £49.99 for 12 months (-16.52%), you can start saving when you spend locally. Anyone can sign up, it takes just a few minutes, and you can cancel at any time.

Discover new businesses and hidden gems, help your favourite independents to thrive, and help Independent Worthing to continue supporting and promoting our fantastic local independent community.


  • See the independent businesses that you can get discounts from here 
  • Sign up here
  • Simply log in to your account on the Independent Worthing website via your phone or tablet and then you can access your digital membership card via links on the home page or any of the Independent listings
  • Online codes will be available for some of the member businesses
  • Enjoy the savings

UPDATES: We now have eco friendly physical membership cards available for 6 and 12 monthly subscriptions plans. These are available free on the 12 monthly plan and for a small additional charge for the 6 monthly subscriptions. Contact us for further information if you are an existing subscriber.

We are also busy working on Android and Apple mobile apps to make it even easier for you to access your discounts and validate your membership.

How your membership helps the independents

  • The scheme is 100% voluntary for the member businesses who choose to be involved, there is no fee for those businesses to join the scheme, and the businesses have access to many benefits as members
  • By encouraging and nurturing a ‘shop local’ attitude
  • By increasing customer loyalty
  • By enabling independent businesses to work together
  • By providing a support network for independent businesses to tap into
  • By enabling Independent Worthing to continue supporting and promoting our local independent businesses
  • By keeping more money within the local economy: when independent businesses succeed, they can invest, grow, and employ
  • By keeping Worthing independent and vibrant