Perfectly Preserved


PUBLISHED: 3 September '21

This week, we are SUPER excited about our Independent Worthing 'Unwrapped' offering, on two counts...

Firstly, we have a new pool of questions which our interviewees can choose their favourites from - we like to keep things fresh!

And secondly, we have an EXTRA dimension to the behind-the-scenes aspect of this 'Unwrapped' - as we are interviewing the utterly fabulous Jaki Morris. Not only is she the hugely successful and popular entrepreneur behind Perfectly Preserved...the local preserve company, but she is also one of Independent Worthing's volunteer admins! We would be lost without our admin team, and Jaki brings her quick-witted humour and perspective as a local business owner to the table, informing our decisions and helping us have a laugh along the way. Thanks Jaki!

Now, we may be biased, as we think that Jaki's marmalades, jams and chutneys are MAGNIFICENT....but we aren't alone. Perfectly Preserved has won numerous awards including double gold at the World Marmalade Awards, and even Fortnum and Mason want her products on their shelves! If you haven't tried her Negroni Marmalade, c' haven't lived yet.


IW: What is your favourite thing about Worthing?

JM: I love living so close to the sea, I've lived in Sussex all of my life, well apart from a brief interlude in Turkey, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere inland.


IW: Describe your favourite type of day

JM: One where I don't have an alarm set, I don't have a list as long as my arm to complete before bed & I know I'm having dinner cooked for me!


IW: What skill or talent would you most like to learn and why?

I'd love to have the time to learn how to make sourdough, maybe when I retire.


IW: What topic could you give a 20 minute presentation on without any preparation?

JM: Seasonal fruit! I'm basically a walking fruit calendar.


IW: What are you really bad at?

JM: Brevity.


IW: What is your go-to local independent business and why?

JM: Has to be Souk for its amazing array of fresh produce, spices from around the world, Turkish yoghurt (for nostalgia's sake) & more varieties of rice than I've seen anywhere else.


IW: What is something you are really looking forward to?

My holiday, it's the only time I actually relax and (partially) switch off, but let's face it, I never switch off!


IW: What does your perfect breakfast look like?

JM: Porridge, always hot & made slowly on the hob, some stewed fruit or a fruit jelly, with a touch of double cream or cream off the top of the milk & maybe a sprinkling of toasted almonds. I did say I had problems with brevity, especially around the topic of food.


IW: What do you buy loads more of than other people and why?



IW: Which season is your favourite and why?

JM: I love them all! I'm useless at favourites. I love winter because of Christmas & the beginning of the Seville , blood orange & bergamot season , I love the autumn mainly because of September, Spring because of the first of the forced rhubarb and the promise of longer days & Summer because of the beautiful weather & ALL the berries!